Euro Asian Market Consulting


Commercial consultancy and promotion, development of industrial activities in countries such as Russia and ex-USSR countries together with its network of professional partners, development of innovative industrial technologies with the support of experts in the various industrial and technological sectors.

Together with its network of professional partners, ASEAM offers the experience and expertise to assist the development of new commercial and industrial activities in emerging markets.

Together with the partner companies ASEAM builds the strategy and the commercial policies for the development of international business.

aseam consulting

Via Ettore De Sonnaz 19
10121 Torino (TO) -Italia-

Registered office:
Via Vernetta 9
10040 Almese (To) -Italia-

2-nd Zvenigorodskaya str.
13 - 37
123022 Moscow - Russia



+39 339 619.18.59
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